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Do you dream about taking your very first solo jump? If so, you'll love learning to become a certified solo skydiver at Skydive Montgomery freefall school!

If you would like to learn how to skydive and experience freefall, the Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) course from Skydive Montgomery is the most effective way to begin! An Accelerated FreeFall instruction program from Skydive Montgomery provides you with the skill-sets required to perform your first solo skydive. The "Integrated Student Program" (ISP) is a special training course designed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is the most common training method used by Skydive Montgomery affiliate skydiving schools. The USPA's Integrated Student Program sets Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) for a succession of 7 instructional levels. Each level's TLOs must be accomplished by the beginner before they can advance to the next level. Levels 1 through 7 are the instructional jumps where the student must be accompanied with an accordingly rated skydive coach. Upon completing Level 7, students are cleared to self supervise. Supplementary jumps are completed with the aid of a certified Skydive Montgomery partner skydiving instructor. Now the student is almost done! After completing a total of 25 jumps and having their "A License" criteria ratified by an accredited instructor, the student is then permitted to perform their A License Check Dive. At last the student has earned their A License and has earned their place amongst the ranks of solo jumpers. While a license is not required to skydive lawfully, the USPA license will allow the skydiver to travel to other United States Parachute Association member dropzones and use their license to verify they have the abilities required to jump.

Learn About the Program...

For the first three training skydives by a new enrollee, the Skydive Montgomery Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) course determines that 2 jump masters accompany the student. The trainers freefall with the beginner and hold on until the student deploys their canopy at the proper altitude. Thus, this technique is called ″ Harness Hold Training. ″ The Skydive Montgomery AFF instructors have no actual link to the student besides their grip on the student, so once the student's chute is deployed, the instructors fly away and deploy their own canopies.

At 5,500 feet of altitude above the ground, students release their own primary canopies, but there are a number of safeguards in place. If the trainee displays no indication that they are releasing their parachute, both AFF instructors will signal to the student to do so using hand gestures. If the student appears unresponsive to the instructor's signal, the instructor will place the students hand on their pull handle to launch their parachute; this also allows the instructor should timing be imminent, to pull the student's chute' themselves.

As soon as the student has demonstrated their ability to deploy their parachute and are able to display fundamental flying and landing skills, they will be able to advance to more advanced levels. With the more advanced jumps, the coach may not be able to take hold of the student and assist so demonstrating the capability to pull one's own parachute is important. The student is required to have a solid understanding of these procedures.

The safety and security of Accelerated Freefall students is undisputed. The instructor has a "hard deck" where they must pull their parachute and save their own life. This is a minimum elevation that all divers are made aware of to prevent instructor injury. Each parachute is equipped with a reserve chute in the event a student arrives at altitude and their pilot chute has not been deployed. The AAD (Automatic Activation Device) reacts immediately, launching the reserve to give the student ample landing time. Though seldom used, the AAD provides an added layer of protection in case the student loses control and is unable to deploy their chute.

The AFF program at Skydive Montgomery is advanced in nature, with each step building on skills discovered in the last. In the beginning, trainers have the opportunity to use hand signals to correct the student's body position during the fall, and subsequent instruction to improve form after the jump, ensuring a thorough building of correct body mechanics as the trainers freefall with the student. Later levels are composed of only one trainer, and consist of the trainee being asked to complete a series of aerial maneuvers, including turns, flips and fall rate regulation, illustrating that the student can restore control after a period of instability.

As soon as the student has completed all "Targeted Learning Objectives" (TLOs,) the instructor is then able to validate that all criteria have been met. During AFF jumps, the student will have radio contact with ground personnel who direct students with maneuvers under their chute; nonetheless the student must have the abilities for a solo landing in the event that the radio fails.

Every Skydive Montgomery AFF student will be given the opportunity, before conclusion of their training, to sign up with the U.S. Parachute Association. Launch your biggest adventure! Call Skydive Montgomery at 256-736-5553 and register in skydiving school today!